InnerSource and Open Source

How to profit from the advantages of Open Source as a company

Software is eating the world. More and more software is deployed everywhere turning more and more companies into software companies.

Very large, if not major amounts - not only in the domain of web, operating systems, etc. - are open source.

Open Source

Open Source does not only mean free as in free beer, but rather free as in “free puppy”. You get to use it, however, it comes all sorts of advantages, risks and needs.

Those can evolve around financial, business continuity, community, marketability, supply chain risk, partnerships, etc. Not entirely sure how to deal with all of those? Ask me.


Don’t feel ready to open source all of your IP? Not sure if and what to Open Source? But you still want to profit from the possibilities of reduction of silos, open collaboration and grow the ability to meaningfully participate in the open source community?

InnerSource can help you here. It is the application of open source principles and practies within the confines of an enterprise - without the initial need to publicize any IP - but the opportunity to do this with less effort once situation fits.

If you want to learn more about this, contact me, head over to the publications section to find some articles, books and training material I’ve created together with others.

Open Collaboration

Do you want to learn how you or your company could profit from the open collaboration approaches that communities such as the Apache Foundation, the Linux kernel and countless other Open Source Communities have profited from? Shoot me a message too!